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What You Need To Know About Vintage and Resale Clothing

Vintage or resale clothing can be very stylish and green. But before you head out on clothing treasure hunting, remember these points. Otherwise, the money you spend buying that sixties velvet jacket could end up being money wasted.

The most important thing to look at is the condition. You should inspect the clothing for holes, tears, stains, and pilling. Although these types of issues are not common in vintage and resale shops. You can also buy good-quality resale clothes via

If the stitching is separating, check the seams and make sure to inspect the lining. If the garment is not properly washed, stabilizers (the interlining fabric that holds jackets in their shape) can fail or disintegrate. A garment with any type of smell, mothballs, or other unmentionable scents should be avoided.

How about style? Is the style timeless, unless you are buying it for production? Do you think it can be worn year after a season like a trench or do it have outdated elements? 

Clothing sizes have changed over time and clothes are cut more generously now than ever before. A garment that you find might have come from outside of the country may also be of a different size. The bottom line is to try it on before buying.

Your vintage jacket or dress is worth less than new. However, even though it may seem cheaper to buy new than vintage, you should make sure that your investment is worthwhile.