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What is a Singapore Personalized Employment Pass

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), falls under the professional level of work visas issued by the Ministry of Manpower. The personalised employment pass in Singapore is for top-tier foreign managers and professionals with exceptional technical or field expertise in a specific area of their potential job.

It is awarded based on each applicant’s individual merits. Employment Pass (EP) and Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) are the other two work passes under the professional tier.

You can apply for a PEP visa by yourself. It is possible to apply for PEP without having to work in Singapore or while you are living abroad. The PEP visa holder is not limited to one employer. You can take a 6-month break from your job, or participate in business coaching.

The Personalised Employment Pass offers many benefits

This PEP allows you to explore and pursue any job opportunity that interests you. The additional benefit is that the pass holder does not have to be employed by any employer. For any job change, they can notify MOM by sending a PEP notification form.

PEP is not like other work visas that require you to find a job before you can apply. PEP permits you to remain in Singapore for six months without being employed and searching for a job.

You are eligible for the dependant’s privilege as a PEP holder. Your spouse, children under twenty-one years old, and your parents are eligible to accompany you. However, they will need passes such as the Dependant’s Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass.