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Use Of Video Enhancement in Forensic Investigation

Forensic video enhancement is the process of interpreting a video recording using various forensic techniques in order to preserve the integrity of the pixel quality. There are many companies such as Cognitech that provide various video enhancement and deblurring software used in forensic science.


Experts enhance events as they occurred so that the trier of fact can see more clearly. The success of the forensic video enhancement hinges on the application of enhancement techniques and overall quality of the original video recording (frame rate, video resolution, bit rate). 

Each investigation is unique, which means no two videos require the same enhancement process. 

Surveillance video enhancement, or CCTV video enhancement, is the most common type of investigation we perform. We also enhance law enforcement dash camera videos, body-worn cameras, smartphone or mobile video recordings, and many more. We often provide audio and video enhancement simultaneously when recordings require voice enhancement. 

  • Scaling and Zoom (upscales video resolution)
  • Sharpening
  • Stabilize (reduce video shaking)
  • Shadow and Highlight Adjustments (Exposure)
  • Frame Averaging
  • Speed Reduction
  • Demonstrative highlighting & marking

The highest-quality version of the evidence is the most important ingredient of the scientific process. This yields the highest success rate throughout the investigation. If the analogue or digital video recording is re-compressed, the success of the enhancement is limited.