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Types Of Roadside Assistance

If you get in a car accident, roadside assistance can help to get you and your passengers to safety. Fortunately, there are many companies, that offer roadside assistance.  24 HR CAR UNLOCKING is one of them, which offers you the best emergency assistance when you are stuck in such type of situation.


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Here are the most common types of roadside assistance:

  1. Car rental companies offer roadside assistance when your car breaks down. This service can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.
  2. Mobile mechanics offer roadside assistance to drivers who need help fixing a small mechanical issue, such as a flat tire.
  3. Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERS) is a nationwide program that provides drivers with assistance in case of an emergency, such as getting lost or stranded. ERS can provide help with car repairs, getting gasoline, or finding a place to stay.
  4. Rental car companies often offer roadside assistance in case of a collision or other major incident. This service can help you get your car back and avoid having to rent another one while your original one is being fixed or replaced.
  5. Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) means a service that can help an insured person get home safely after an accident on the highway. This service can include transportation to the nearest hospital or another medical facility, as well as to your destination, such as a hotel.

Because there are so many different types of organizations that may provide roadside services and choose to call themselves “roadside assistance,” each one should be examined individually when you need help.