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Tips On Using MS Access Database

Time is very important in everything we do in life. In this post you will find out tricks to easily optimize your speed when working with MS Access, these tips will also help you manage the time while creating an access database. You can know more about custom MS Access database solutions by Kroka Custom Programming.

  • Use shortcuts often: This is important when working with MS access or when working with other Microsoft Office applications, you should be able to work with shortcuts in order to save a lot of time.
  • Keep fields (columns) to a minimum in a table: It’s a misconception to think the number of records in a table can slow down your MS Access database when in fact it’s the number of fields that is more memory sensitive due to the allocation of memory for each field or column.
  • Use light-weighted forms: light weighted forms should replace the Visual Basic Code in forms. Instead, consider setting the form’s Has Module property to false, and by doing so it turns a form into a lightweight form.
  • Reduce your server traffic: traffic tends to slow down the speed and reduce performance so to optimize your speed you need to reduce the amount of traffic returning to the server.

MS Access is a great database tool and has great built-in functions to help you create a database, explore more.