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Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil For Your Dog

If you follow natural health, you may have heard about the growing popularity of CBD dog oil. However, with its popularity, many low-quality sellers are looking to make a quick buck.

Never buy CBD petroleum products without seeing the Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis (abbreviated COA) contains the results of laboratory tests on your CBD oil. Ideally, the certificate should have a high level of CBD and no THC. You can buy the best CBD oil for dogs online.

best cbd oil for dogs

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If you can't find a Certificate of Authenticity on the website of the CBD supplier you're considering, go ahead. Legitimate CBD oil brands have nothing to hide.

Ideally, Choose “Nano-Sized Microemulsion” CBD

The quality of CBD oil varies greatly. One of the most important factors in determining the quality and potency of a CBD product is the method used to emulsify CBD. Any high-quality CBD oil will have at least one liposome emulsion but ideally use a nanoscale emulsion.

Liposome Emulsion: Smaller particles, good absorption. The price will be slightly higher than cheap oil.

Nano-scale Emulsion: Smallest particles, excellent absorption. Very few CBD brands make their oils this way.

Choose products with “undetectable” THC

While all hemp CBD must contain low THC levels (below 0.3%), we strongly recommend that you purchase products that do not contain the THC detected on the test certificate.

Dogs react very differently to THC than people do, and although less than 0.3% will never make a person "big," even small amounts of THC can have negative effects on small animals.