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The Most Satisfying Kite Safari Experience In El Gouna

Kite safari is a fun way to experience the windy outdoors without having to go hiking or camping. You can simply rent a kite, find a spot with good wind, and have some fun. You can book the event of kite safari via

Here are few tips for the most satisfying kite safari experience: 

1. Pick the right kite. Not all kites are created equal when it comes to wind power. A stronger kite will fly further and faster, but can also be more difficult to control. If you’re new to kite flying, start with a lower-powered model.

2. Find the right spot. Kite safaris are all about getting up close and personal with the breeze – don’t try to fly your kite in an open field if there’s no wind! Search for sheltered spots with plenty of wind blown seeds, branches, or leaves for your kite to catch on.

3. Keep an eye on your kite. Even the best-maintained flying machines can be blown away if caught in a gust of wind too strong for their size and strength. 

Location is key when looking for a good kite safari site. You'll want to find a site with plenty of open sky, plenty of wind, and little vegetation. If you're new to flying kites, try to visit a site that offers beginner classes first so you can get some practice before venturing out on your own.