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The Contribution Of Pilates For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer makes many women lose their bodies. You may have heard of Pilates, but what is Pilates exactly? Pilates is a mind/body exercise method that uses a series of gentle movements to enlarge and strengthen the body. This is characteristic because many exercises are performed in a supine (lying), lying down (prone), or lying side, which allows the body to be centered and the spine to be aligned, thus placing more or less tension on the back of the neck.

Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and strains of muscles, and a strong frame. The original classical styles have been adapted in many ways as practitioners have developed their own styles for using the exercises. Additionally, occupational physical therapists have used methods to assist with physical rehabilitation for a variety of conditions, including back pain, Parkinson’s, and even autism. Many practitioners make use of pilates for cancer patients via to treat their problem.

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Recently, breast cancer survivors have also benefited from Pilates. Survivors face many physical difficulties following breast cancer operation and treatment, which are often linked to the emotional distress of living with a life-threatening condition.

Pilates increases the pumping of lymph into the chest canal and encourages the return of lymph from the left side of the neck, left arm, torso, and legs. Although there has been no conclusive medical research on Pilates and breast cancer to date, a growing body of research is recommending that exercise actually reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence and improves breast cancer function and quality of life.