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All About The Use Of Blood Plasma In Piglet Diets

Spray Dried Blood Plasma supplementation (SDBP), when used in the first 35 days after weaning, positively influenced average daily gain and feed conversion.


Use of blood plasma in piglet diets is an important source of bio-functional protein for weaned piglets. The effects of blood plasma on piglets are usually:

  • Increased intake of feed

  • Daily gain significantly higher

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  • Health improvements

  • Conversion of feeds to be more efficient

  • These parameters are critical to ensure plasma's functionality

  • Protein solubility!

  • The immunoglobulin G content is an indicator of IgG.

Some may find the results for piglets receiving SDBP-rich diets contradictory despite their excellent blood plasma characteristics. The variability in the results of published studies may be due to the many factors that influence the response to supplementation of animal plasma. A meta-analysis can be used to clarify the results, despite differences in experimental methods.

The meta-analysis was used for estimating the review of piglets during the post-weaning phase. It did not require any sanitary challenges and they were fed diets containing plasma from the spray-dried process (SDBP). The post-weaning period presents normal challenges for piglets, including environmental stress and the replacement of the liquid diet with a solid one. 

This study did not include references to sanitary problems. Only data about normal and expected problems were taken into account. Data were retrieved from indexed journals using information from pre-selected scientific articles, including methods, results and material.