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Stone Sealing: The Hidden Costs

Having stone surfaces to most people is a luxury item. Most people cannot afford to have marble or granite floors, benches and tabletops. So when people choose to invest in stone interiors, they often forget that they need ongoing maintenance. This needs to be considered as part of the investment. People often forget about stone sealing. Maybe they don’t know that stone is porous and requires sealing once every few years. When you are considering renovations or purchasing a property that has marble stone surfaces, remember that you will also need to pay to have the stone sealed and maintained. This will often mean that you will need a stone sealing service to do the sealing for you. 

stone sealing floor photo

How Much Does Stone Sealing Cost? 

Stone sealing is not a complicated procedure, but you do need to know what you are doing, have the correct machinery, time, effort and knowledge to do stone sealing properly. Most people will opt for a professional. Check with a local stone care specialist for prices regarding stone sealing and maintenance, as at least them you will know or be aware of any ongoing additional costs. For example, to seal granite it can cost, on average, $140 for 120 square feet. 

stone sealed bench top

How Often Do I Need Stone Sealing?

This depends on the type of sealer used and the type of stone surface you have. Stone sealing may need to be done once a year. If a penetrating stone sealer is used, it may not need any resealing for 10 years or more. Some stones, like sandstone, for example, are highly porous and will need to be sealed once a year. It is true that most granite benchtop sealers should last 2-4 years, it is best to find out more information before buying the property, because you may find that stone sealing is required, which will be an additional expense. 

Maintaining your stone floors is paramount for keeping the beauty and resilience to staining and erosion. Sealing prevents stains, slips, dirt, sand, grime and is much easier to clean.

floor that needs stone sealing