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How To Win at Scrabble and Words With Friends

Scrabble is a traditional board game that's been played for over 50 years! The most recent variant of this game that includes certain variations is known as Words With Friends and has gained immense popularity all over the world.

With their recent rise in popularity, you'll find that your buddies may be asking you to participate in any of these games. You may find it to be quite challenging. You can also find Free Word Descrambler for Crossword, Scrabble Word Cheat solver sites online.

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Here are some suggestions on how you can become better in these games and increase the odds of winning, without having to learn the entire dictionary:

Be aware of the balance of the game when taking a look at the letters on your rack. You should find a balance between consonants and letters to improve your chance of making a winning game. It is best to try to create a rack with four vowels and three consonants. 

Check out what letters have been played before making the best option for you. Don't base your decision solely on the contents of your rack.

Consider the long-term. Make plans to play with long phrases. If you are able to play all of the tiles during one game, you will get additional points (how many will depend upon the rules of play). The most commonly used letters used for this are A E, I N, R, and S.

Take advantage of the Q! This letter, along with that of X, Z and J have a lot of possibilities to score high. It is helpful to remember the letters.

It is important to consider at least one step ahead of yourself when making a move. Do not set up your opponent for easy points close to bonus points squares!