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Outdoor Relay Games For a Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids’ outdoor relay games can multiply fun at a kid’s birthday party. You can book your appointment to play axe throwing in Lancaster CA via

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Try this relay game perfect for an outdoor birthday party:-

The Ball Relay Race For Kids:- Another relay game that is perfect for a party outdoors is the Ball Relay. For this game you are going to need a lot of balls. Get small, medium and large balls, golf, ping pong, soccer, softball, basketball at least 15 of them. 

And you will need two of each…one for each team. You will also need hula hoops and ball bags. What are ball bags? Use anything the balls will fit in. A net bag, a pillowcase or a plastic garbage bag.  

Arrange all the balls in a hula hoop and make one for each team. Put the bigger balls at the bottom and the smaller balls on top. Place the ball bags a few feet away, how far is up to you. Each player puts one ball into his teams ball bag.  

When the last person puts his ball into the ball bag the next team person must bring the ball bag back to the hula hoop, dump it out and put the balls as they were when the game began. The larger balls on the bottom and the smaller balls on the top. The first team to finish this task is the winner. Give out some kind of ball as a game prize.