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Try Red LED Light Therapy For Painful Foot Bone Spurs

With age comes a certain amount of risk, there are some elements that we are not able to control. If you've ever felt the discomfort caused by a bone spur, then you know must know about red light therapy.

Red light therapy converts energy from light in the cells of the skin, similar to photosynthesis, which absorbs sunlight and transforms it into energy for food in plants. LED therapy is among the few non-invasive methods to reverse the look of ageing skin like wrinkles and uneven skin tone, and offer relief from nagging injuries, without going under the knife. You can visit to get red light therapy.

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Remember that different results will be seen for different individuals. Research has shown that red wavelengths and specific Infrared wavelengths increase the activity of cells on the dermal level. By using the correct wavelengths of light from LEDs and sending them to the right region of your body, the dermal cells will receive an additional boost of energy to assist in relieving pain and fighting the process of aging. Studies have shown that light stimulation can accelerate the healing process by boosting the growth of cells in damaged areas.

In reality, a bone spur is an additional bone or bony growth that's formed within one of your normal bones. Since it's an "add-on" bone, it could cause pain when it is rubbing on other bones or tissues. The interesting thing regarding bone spurs is they're made in the form of a defence mechanism our bodies have to friction or strain over a long period of time. They may develop because of the process of aging or tear in a ligament.