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How Is Fused Glass Jewelry Made?

Until a few years ago, fused glass jewelry was a small niche in the jewelry world, and in recent years, fused glass jewelry has grown enormously in popularity. You cannot miss these beautiful pieces of jewelry. If you've ever been to a craft fair, you've probably seen fused glass jewelry. The most common pieces are the pendants and earrings.

One of the amazing characteristics of fused glass jewelry is the brilliant colors that change when light hits the glass at different angles. The type of glass that causes this glow is called dichroic glass. You can also find a variety of red dichroic glass.


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Then you put the glass in an oven and set the oven to a specific temperature. The oven does all the work and is actually on for 3-5 hours, but you need to leave the glass in the oven until the temperature returns to room temperature.

This usually takes 4 to 6 more hours. The glass melts totally or partially. When the glasses are completely fused together, it is called a complete fuse. When the glass pieces hold their shape but stick together, that's called a tack fuse.

Your biggest investment in this craft is the oven. Then you should have a grinder. You also need a glass cutter. So of course glass, dichroic glass is very expensive. 1/2 pd will probably cost at least $ 40.00, but should produce 15-20 pieces or more.

Typically, you will want to reshape the glass after the initial firing in the oven. A glass grinder is the tool used to shape glass. After shaping the glass, turn it back on so that the edges you just polished shine. Then add a bail and violate, you have a beautiful custom-made piece of art to wear.