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How We Are Using Recycled Plastic In Our Socks

The process is relatively easy. The first step is to get plastic bottles taken from waste management or recycling facilities. The bottles are cleaned and then chopped into small flakes. The pieces are then melted down to chips, and then extruded into filaments, which create fibers.

The yarn is created by spinning and texturing. If you're wondering whether our recycled socks are the same comfy and performance-driven as the socks you've grown accustomed to and appreciate it is a definite yes! Fabric of eco friendly socks made of recycled plastic is basically non-virgin polyester. While virgin polyester comes via oil. Ours is made out of recycled plastic!

In all of the plastic ever was in existence (about 400 million tonnes) and more than half of it was created within the last 15 years. In the average year, Americans dispose of more than 60 billion bottles each year. Little actions can lead to major shifts.

Through the incorporation of recycled yarn made from plastic into our products each pair of socks is equivalent to diverting around 2 plastic bottles* out of the garbage.They would otherwise be wasted.

Making steps towards become a more sustainable organization is not limited to the materials we use to make our products. We're making use of recycled materials instead poly bags to pack our 3 pair packs . We also have implemented more sustainable practices within the distribution centre.

In the development and manufacturing phases of production the 3D rendering as well as advanced color matching programs assists us in reducing waste from manufacturing. It is strived to create high-quality products with a lifetime Guarantee.