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Strength Training Tips for Seniors

Many seniors don't even think about lifting weights or doing strength training, thinking that this is something much younger and fitter people should be doing. However, one is never too old to do strength training. It is now really easier to get training services for the elderly from professionals. 

5 Easy Strength Training Exercises for Seniors

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Studies show that all adults, including the elderly, can benefit from less than 15 minutes of moderate cardio exercise per day. 30 minutes of light to moderate cardio a day is optimal, and the good news is that cardio can be divided into segments.

Adults, including the elderly, are also encouraged to do strength training two to three times a week. Although exercise programs for older people have changed significantly from those for the younger generation in the gym. 

Weight training for adults can help people of all ages increase muscle strength, strengthen bones, fight back, and/or slow down the effects of arthritis and improve balance and mobility. Regular exercise is also important for maintaining a strong heart function and a healthy weight.

Jim Androsick, a physical therapist at HealthPoint Health and Wellness Center at Wooster Community Hospital in Ohio, has seen great benefit from seniors he has worked with who have completed strength and wellness programs.

"Generally, the seniors we work with are people aged 60 years and over who are referred to us by doctors," said Androsik. “The doctor gave us some guidelines, such as how often and how long you should exercise, and comments about your general health.