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Is the Root Canal Treatment Safe for You?

Root canals are the most controversial topic in the dental world. Most people tend to question the safety of the procedure. This is because of the misleading information that is shared on the internet. That's why most patients prefer another treatment.

However, in some cases, the treatment of pulp cavity remains the only alternative. Root canal dental experts have no choice but to plead for the safety of the root canal. In fact, modern dentistry has increased the security of endodontics.

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Treatment involves removing the infected pulp. After removal, the teeth are cleaned. After cleaning, the dental filling materials are fixed in the tooth to cover the space left by the pulp. The procedure allows patients to keep their teeth. However, the tooth is dead, because it removed the living tissue. Apparently, it is a perfect solution, as it prevents loss of teeth. Here is a list of ways in which root canal can lead to more dental problems.

The safety of this treatment depends on how it is done. According to various studies, bacterial infections in the root canal are 100%. The researchers argue that in most cases, only 44% of bacteria are eliminated. Therefore, the remaining 56% of the bacteria continue to cause damage to neighbouring teeth. This will result in serious long-term dental problems.