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How to Play an Indoor Soccer on the Portable Football Pitch

Indoor soccer is a fun and physically demanding sport. Although it is based on the same basic concept as outdoor soccer, there are numerous differences, such as the size of the field, specific rules, and playing techniques. Indoor soccer follows a clear set of rules than other indoor alternatives of association football, such as futsal and five-a-side football.

You can play indoor soccer on the portable football pitch. Though play regulation varies from one administering sports organization to the next, several universal arenas govern how you should play the game. It can be played on a rectangular field.

Indoor soccer uses a 200-foot by 85-foot field covered in rectangular artificial turf and surrounded by six-foot-high walls. There are at least six players required for each team. The overall game lasts one hour and is divided into four quarters of fifteen minutes each. A three-minute break is usually taken between the first and third quarters.

The Layout of the Field

The same contact regulations that apply to outdoor soccer apply here as well. There are three lines in the indoor soccer arena: one in the center, one in each half of the court, and one in the middle. Players are not permitted to pass the ball over all three court lines at the same time, and it must touch either a player or the floor. This rule was adopted to reduce the use of long balls and encourage the use of short passes.

Follow All the Rules of the Games

Because the turf in Indoor Soccer is artificial, players must be prepared to deal with a more bouncy ball and difficult to control. There is nothing as an offside rule in this situation. This type of soccer allows players to be substituted as often as they want, as long as the substitute exits when a new player enters the pitch.

Wrapping Up

There are various things to be considered when you think about playing soccer on the portable football pitchSome of the things are discussed above in this article.

Football Pitch Barriers: Making the Game Practice Funnier

The best way to get the kids to focus for an hour is to explain to them that there will be a 20-minute match at the end of the practice so long as everyone behaves and focuses on their drills with football pitch barriers is how you need to acknowledge that all kids like to play football games and matches.

Treat on Psychology

Kids are encouraged to behave normally through the incentive, and the one who is not behaving normally is usually scolded. It is a great way for everyone to get what they want, is reverse psychology.


The kids would have to do a few laps around the football pitch, and it would mean that you would want to try and get them to run as a group and not like a race is what you need to make sure of. Tell them that anyone who is breaking away from the group will have to run the whole thing again is a great way to get this done. To maintain a tight group while warming up, will they work together.

Shooting the Goal

Combining the passing exercises with shooting at a goal is what really does work while training in football. Have the players dribble down to the edge of the penalty box and cross the ball to a striker who has followed the ball down the pitch and have them shoot at the goal if you get them to pass one. To control passing, live match play scenario and also all kids favorite part goal scoring as it works quite well. To get a chance to pass, shoot and hopefully score, you can then have each kid do different areas each run.

These are a few of the many techniques in which you can make the kids enjoy the part of the training sessions.