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What To Consider Before Purchasing An Angel Urns

Angel urns are a beautiful way to honour a loved one while helping to bring comfort and peace to bereaved family and friends. The elegant beauty of these jars can serve as a reminder that your loved one is in a peaceful place and that he and she are truly surrounded and embraced by angels.

We understand that buying jars can be a difficult process. The list below gives you key points to consider when looking to buy the right guardian angel jars.

Do you want a traditional urn, a memorial urn or an urn that can be both? – Traditional urns are suitable if you only want to use one urn for the ashes of your loved ones. -The urn is currently used to store some ashes and/or small items that are very important to you and your loved ones such as B. Wedding ring, lock of hair, small jewellery, etc. This type of urn is typically used when the ashes are shared between family members and friends, or when you want to have the urn in more than one location.

If this is important to you, be sure to check the full description of the urn you are considering to see if it can withstand the outdoors.You may want to consult with your funeral home to see the best size.

Since jars are so heavy, it's important to know that transportation costs, especially for overnight delivery, will increase by 2 am itself – so it's important to take this into account when looking for an urn that fits your budget.