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Vertical Gardening For Children

Vertical gardening gives many space deprived to the gardener. Because our home seems to be getting bigger and the open space around it is shrinking, the need to turn open space into green space is even more urgent.

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Children can be excluded from nature and some children can be excluded from access to public parks to have some kind of "understanding" and connection with nature, including crop cultivation, food production and air quality.

Vertical gardening can be the key for families who want to stay in touch with nature with their children, who are challenged by limited space.

Vertical gardening offers parents the opportunity to inject much needed greenery in a small space. However, it is important to offer your children an active garden experience so they can enjoy sensory experiences and satisfaction from growing plants to fruiting.

Vertical garden systems based on land and open multilayers offer a traditional garden experience, because children (and adults) can dig into it with a shovel and plant seeds, seeds or even sophisticated plants.

The types of plants that kids love very much in their vertical gardens are strong, reliable cast members who germinate and mature quite quickly. Lettuce, arugula, and turnips are made quite quickly from seed.

Durable flowers such as the dwarf marigold provide color and flowers and can be combined with flowers that can be eaten in a vertical garden. Children also love unique flowers and vegetables, so look for a mixture of strange colors and dwarf colors or new colors.

Of course, favorites like strawberries will always be very popular and they grow very well in vertical gardens so you will go crazy if you don't plant at least a few.