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Indian Classical Dance Classes – Bharatnatyam Dancers

Today, Indian culture has a unique identity that is enriched by Temple traditions. The great cultural achievement of Indian dance is evident in the many examples of Indian dance styles that have been associated with the development and evolution of Temple arts. The global attention paid to Indian dance forms today has been a testament to the Indianness that is reflected in all cultural vistas.

There are many classical dance styles in India, which can all be traced back to different regions of the country. Each form is representative of the culture and ethos of a specific region or group of people. BHARATANATYAM in Tamilnad, KATHAKALI, and MOHINIYATTAM in Kerala, ODISSI of Orissa, and KATHAK of Uttarpradesh are the most well-known classical forms. There are even professional dance schools all over the globe where people can learn these traditional dance forms.

In temples, sacred spaces were the ideal place to nurture dance forms. The mission of temple dancing was to bring art to people and to convey a message to them. In a Temple, the monotony of life was shared equally by the elite and the common man. True religion added beauty to every element.

When compared to the effects of rigid ritualistic practices, art was an effective way to communicate the cosmic truth to devotees through music, dance, sculpture, architecture, or a piece of jewelry. Professional dancers have a diploma in dance from the most renowned dance Institute of India. They conduct classes all over the world and also give private lessons.