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When Should You Repair or Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

Repair or replacement is a common debate that keeps many homeowners alive about water heaters. Hot water boiler technology has made a quantum leap. So if your heat sink goes down, do you need to replace it or have it repaired, that's a fair question.

The first consideration in making this decision is age. If your boiler is 15 years old or older and requires expensive repairs, then it may be a more sensible decision to replace it. At 15 or so, the hot heater is nearing the end of its life. You can look for the best hot water heater substitution services using the internet.

Even if repairs extend the service life by several years, it is not as efficient as today's high-tech instant water heaters. Anything you can save on replacement in the short term will continue to be spent on higher fuel costs.

If your water heater is less than 15 years old but more than five years old, it is time to meet with an authorized water heater dealer to find out what makes sense in your circumstances. Together you will review the capacity of the water heater, its operating costs, and the expected life of the water heater.

Your contractor will also know if you have a heater with a higher SEER available. SEER stands for Seasonally Adjusted Energy Efficiency Assessment. The higher the SEER for the heater, the more efficient it will work.