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The Most Needed Features From a Good Water Filter

Water sources have become both scarce & polluted and today one cannot even think about sipping water from a river. Water purifiers have become a household commodity as people are increasingly becoming aware of the perils of consuming impure water and the dangers associated with it.

To provide the best water purification systems for homes, companies need to implement many features. Below are the most desirable features that are needed from a good water filter:

Bacteria/Virus/Cyst removal- Bacteria can grow in any stagnant water and so do other pathogens. Drinking water having bacterial growth can make humans very sick and many diseases can be caused by drinking.

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Iron removal- Though Iron is a useful component in the body and hemoglobin is constituted by it, excess iron in water can result in accumulation at joints, resulting in joint pains & body aches.

Removal of sand & dust- They are abundant and all around, but need to be cleaned from water else can cause various health disorders.

Separation of harmful salts of Arsenic, Fluoride- To be the best water purifier, it has to remove these toxic salts along with lead to provide clean drinking.

Pesticides & other chemicals- Pesticides used to kill pathogens can also be harmful to humans, hence removing them before consumption is crucial.