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The Importance of a Thousand Oaks General Dentist

The term "dentist" is often used to describe any person who cares for your teeth and gums. There are many types of dental practitioners. There are two types of dentists: the general practitioner (also known as the family dentist) and many specialists. We will now focus on the general dentist and what this professional does to take care of your dental health.

A general dentist is comparable to a family doctor or general physician. This person is your first line of defense in your efforts to keep your mouth healthy. The general dentist is responsible for all aspects of maintaining healthy gums and teeth. He examines your mouth to make sure everything is in order.

Any small problems that might arise in your mouth will be dealt with by the family dentist. He can predict future problems such as overcrowding teeth that will need braces or gingivitis. He can spot early signs of oral cancer.

Regular visits to your family dentist can help protect your teeth against any number of issues. He can identify problems such as cracks in teeth or sores on the gums and recommend treatment to prevent them from becoming more serious.

Your provider should be seen at least once every six months. You may need to visit your provider more frequently if you have a condition that needs to be monitored closely.