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How To Install A Dishwasher

At long last, you are now a proud owner of a new dishwasher and want to install it yourself. Then you have come to the right place. This article will show you how you can do this task yourself in an easy step-by-step approach.

First of all the dishwasher will require its own dedicated circuit operated from an electrical panel. Then you’ll have to arrange a hot water supply nearby and a drain as well. You can get the services of expert appliance hook-ups by john g plumbing inc whenever required.

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Unless it is a countertop, dishwashers normally come in 24″ height so make sure that the cabinet opening is of the right size.

Install a 20-ampere circuit from the circuit breaker panel, if there is none installed before. Don’t forget to turn off the power on the circuit you are going to work on. If you don’t see a circuit then you’ll have to do a little drilling.

Drill a hole through the floor and continue its run to the circuit breaker panel. For convenience in servicing the dishwasher later, you may leave about 6 feet of wire sticking through the hole.

Now that everything is in place, you need to check all the connections. Turn the water tap and check for leaks. Next, turn on the electrical connection.

Start one of the cycles on the unit. Let the unit be loaded with water and start washing, more advanced press cancel and see that the system drains properly.

Once you have seen to it that everything is working alright, install the base plates to the unit. When done, you have a new fixture in your home.