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How To Unclog A Bathtub Drain Full Of Hair?

Waking up for a shower and finding the bathtub drain Clogged full of Hairs can be frustrating. Rather than other drains, our bathtub drains are most abused. Bathtub drains are usually get clogged due to bathing soap, hair shampoos, gels, creams, and other hygienic products that go down into the drain. 

If you faced this issue at your home then here are some useful methods & DIYs that can help you to unclog bathtub drains. Below are the ways through which you can dissolve hair in the shower drain.

Clean the Stopper

When you saw the clogged bathtub full of hairs, remove the strained or stopper and clean it. You can use a standard screwdriver or simply lift it using your nail and remove the clogged hairs built up under it. After this run down hot boiling water in the drain and check if the drain is unclogged. You can even call a professional for your clogged drain cleaning via

Use a Drain Claw to Unclog hair bulk

A drain claw is the latest plumbing tool introduced recently. It has an auger attached at the end of it which helps to unclog any substance clogged inside the drain pipe. The drain claw is flexible and can bend easily in order to fit into any blocked drains and will help you to catch any buildup of hair or other stuff that was clogged in the drain.

Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner

You can use chemical drain cleaners or homemade drain cleaners which can help you to unclog shower or bathtub drains easily. You can see any DIYs or articles online to see how to use commercial or homemade drain cleaners to unclog your bathtub drains.

Before using any chemical drain cleaner product, wear safety gloves and follow the instruction manual on how to use it and pour it into the drain.