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5 A Side Soccer Rules You Need to Know

The younger siblings of 11aside football, 5 a side soccer is a much loved little game with leagues across USA. 5aside plays on a smaller court with fewer players. The rules are slightly different, which helps keep the two teams dynamic, exciting, and fair.

Since most of the 5aside and 11aside rules are shared, if you are a professional soccer fan, you may already be familiar with most of the rules, but if you want to jog your memory, please understand the specific difference between the two games. If you are a fresh one for soccer, everything you need to know will be covered in this blog.

Make sure that you are close to all the rules and regulations of 5aside football. Here everything will cover from size and equipment to players and game rules. You will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about 5aside football rules, so whether you want to watch the game or play on your own, you’ll be fully prepared.

 Standard 5 a side Football Rules

These rules are different from the 11aide Football Rules, 5a side does not have a set of standardized rules regulated by the registry. Because of this, many clubs and leagues play according to a generally agreed set of rules and make changes based on preference, availability, and convenience. But don’t worry, these changes are usually small and will always be agreed upon by both parties before the game begins.

 5 A Side Field and Player Equipment

For the sake of fairness and safety, the rules regarding equipment required for outdoor soccer are very strict and must be accompanied at all times. The kit will also vary depending on the location. For example, you can only wear studded football boots on the grass. At the same time, formal training shoes are recommended when playing indoors or on artificial grass, so be sure to examine your specific situation! Find the complete list of 5 separate soccer teams below:

  • All players on the court must wear shin guards on their socks to ensure their safety.
  • As mentioned above, all players must also wear appropriate shoes.
  • Both teams must wear colors similar or colored bibs.
  • The goalkeeper’s clothing must be easy to identify and distinguish from the other four players on the team.
  • The goalkeeper must also be equipped with protection devices.
  • The gloves are the type of game being played (Futsal requires different types of balls), and choosing the correct kind of football based on the player’s age is always a good safety measure.

5-A-Side Football Starting and Starting Rules

Before starting a game, you must first make sure that all the players are in place. Four players and a goalkeeper have in each team, and the substitute is ready and waiting when needed. If you are unsure which training to use, you can check out our 5aside training template blog.

An impartial referee must also be present to start the game, make decisions about penalties, and make sure that the game runs flawlessly from start to finish. After everyone is in place, the next step is to choose which team will take the lead. This is usually set on by flipping a coin, but some pre-planned games may already have a schedule.


Whether you’re playing according to the 5 a-side soccer rules listed above or tweaking them slightly to fit your league’s established rules, or setting creative new rules for your unique game, enjoy your game.