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Cooking With An Air Fryer

An air fryer can be a healthier alternative to oil-based deep-frying. To cook food, hot air fryers heat the air rather than using hot oil. Rapid Air Technology is used to fry your food in a variety of air fryers. You can buy the best quality air fryer in Australia online.

Best Air Fryer Australia

What's a hot-air fryer?

A heating element and a fan are included in this trendy air fryer. The fan blows hot air through the machine while the heating element heats the enclosed space. This rapidly moving air strikes the food in all directions and cooks it.

There are two types of air fryers available on the market. One uses a basket, while a paddle and a nonstick bowl are used in the other.

Which air fryer is best for home use?

The Philips hot-air fryer is a popular brand that uses a cooking basket. This fryer has two models: the HD9220/26 manual hot air cooker and the HD9230/26 electronic version.

Both models have a maximum temperature limit of 390°F, while the digital model has a time limit of 60 minutes. Only the manual air fryer machine can be used for a maximum of 30 minutes.

It's easy to use.

Simply place the food ingredients in a basket that sits on a drip tray pan. The basket is then pushed into the machine. You can set the temperature and timer, and the cooking process will begin. It is recommended to stir the food halfway through cooking to ensure that the food cooks evenly.

Yes, you can eat fried foods without the fat. This means that you can eat healthier food with less oil and fewer calories.