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Stop Your Child From Thumb Sucking

Most young children use a pacifier or suck on their thumbs or fingers. Sucking is a natural instinct for an infant and often sticks around as a comforting habit in the toddler years. However, it can be painful when your child starts sucking a thumb or pacifier at the age of four or when permanent teeth begin to fade. You can also stop your child’s thumb sucking by buying thumb sucking guard from nipit.

How to stop thumb sucking:

As a first step in dealing with your kid’s thumb-sucking habits, ignore them. Most often, your children will stop this bad habit on their own. Instead of forcing a change, your pediatrician offers these useful tips:

  • Praise your child when he is not sucking his thumb. Be positive and don't punish him or her.
  • Reward your child if he does not suck his thumb during stressful situations or falls asleep without sucking.
  • Try trading pacifiers for another special toy.
  • Do not make it into a power struggle or dramatic experience to stop your child. Be patient and always positive.
  • Focus on correcting the cause of the anxiety that your child may rely on his thumb.
  • To remind your children of the habit, tie the bandage on the thumb at night or keep a sock on their hand.
  • If severe enough, your dentist may also suggest a mouth device to block sucking ability.

For more advice or counseling about your baby's thumb sucking or calming habits, please visit your pediatrician. With their help, you can successfully remove your child from the habit of sucking their thumbs.