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Overcome Endometriosis Without Gaining Weight

Endometriosis is a condition that affects many women. Endometriosis can cause weight gain, heavy periods, and bowel movements. Endometriosis is becoming more common and women are seeking ways to get rid of it and its troublesome side effects. To spread awareness about Endometriosis, Endometriosis awareness month is observed worldwide through various activities like marches, posters, etc. You can learn more about endometriosis awareness month at

Endometriosis & Weight Gain

Endometriosis can cause weight gain, but few women are aware of this.  Three of the most common types of medications used to treat endometriosis can cause this.

o Birth Control Pills — Contraceptives may also be used as hormonal treatments to treat endometriosis. Your doctor will advise you on the type and frequency of birth control pills to be taken. 

o Progestins — This medication temporarily stops your ovulation. It also hinders the growth of the endometrial cells. It can also cause weight gain.

Avoid Weight Gain from Medication

Women find it frustrating that side effects of medications that are supposed to help their symptoms can also be caused by them. The most frustrating side effect of the medication is weight gain. These are some ways to control your weight.

Exercise– Although it may seem simple and obvious, its effectiveness is undisputed. Exercise can help you to counter weight gain. Exercise can help reduce the severity and frequency of endometriosis symptoms.  

Endometriosis can be overcome in many ways, without having to gain weight. However, most of these options will require you to work hard to maintain your slim figure.