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Need Of Improvement In Ambulance Safety

Providing quality care to patients in the back of an ambulance in motion is not only difficult, but it also is dangerous and can cause serious injuries in a vehicle accident. So, the utmost safety in the ambulance is required.

Many interrelated factors affect the safety of ambulances. The design of the ambulance, the way it is built, and maintained-is top of the list. Only recently have some manufacturers of ambulances began to develop effective solutions to these construction problems and adopt modern security designs for giving their best maternal health care.

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New static and dynamic testing requirements will force some manufacturers to improve the impact resistance of their products.

Transport vehicles and construction EMS fire trucks are part of my job and I do not take this responsibility lightly. People's lives may depend on what we buy an ambulance and the way we think. Education is key to building a safe product that meets the needs of our caregivers.

I spent over 20 years researching the methods of construction and becoming educated about ambulance standards and design. My research took me to the ambulance US factories where I photographed different production styles, and have traveled abroad to see first hand how ambulances are manufactured abroad.