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Looking For the Holy Grail of Work-Life Balance

Just coming from a vacation gave me a good opportunity to think about the balance of work life. As leaders and achievers, it is a topic that is often discussed in workshops and in casual conversations. People are so busy and feel drawn to so many directions that they find this idea of work-life balance difficult to understand. If you want to learn about work-life balance then you can hop over to this site 

Let 'Start with three truths about this topic

Three truths

Judgment gets in the way

One work-life balance challenge is that most people deal with guilt and judgment. Many live in a land of "should" – you should do that next report, make one more call, read that new book. And, at the same time, you should be home; you should spend time with your spouse, friends, kids, etc.

And the judgment doesn't stop there – it extends, real or imagined, to others in your life. Colleagues wonder when you will get something done, while people in the rest of your life wonder when you will be home. All these judgments, internal and external, real and imagined, get in the way of finding the balance you seek.


Work-life balance isn't static

One mistake is thinking you can find work-life balance like it`s a "thing" or a "place". You find a book or a new couch. You reach a destination. Work-life balance isn't that tangible or permanent, which means it`s variable. Like balancing a scale, your time and focus will necessarily shift more heavily one way, then the other, based on situations and circumstances. To assume you can reach a balanced spot for more than a short time is folly.

Nothing is perfect

When you consider work-life balance to be a journey, you will have a healthy approach to it. While judgment gets in the way, so does the comparison. People often look at others who appear to have the 'ideal` balance and try to emulate them. This is also a mistake because your balance must be based on your values (more on this in a second) and your needs. You won`t reach your perfect by emulating someone else.