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Know about the Machines Used for Encapsulation

There are many machines that can be used for encapsulation:

Single disc rotary machine

This machine has a motor in a drive or brush unit and is driven by a gear or a belt. It can work with two different encapsulation applications. You can also get capsule polisher machine via

Lid Cleaning: A well-formulated encapsulation formula is ideal as a lid cleaner. Cleaning the covers usually isn't recommended by major carpet manufacturers. The benefits of using a cap on a single disc engine are aggressive agitation and some degree of waste removal during cleaning.

Rotary shampoo: The machine used for this is a single disc rotation with a solution tank attached. The solution is applied to a brush, usually nylon, and wiped to the carpet.

Oscillating disc engine

These machines are sometimes referred to as orbital or vibration head machines. Offset bearings are used that rotate inside the shaft, causing the bearing driver to vibrate instead of rotating at high speed.

The bottom plate is usually round and 15 to 20 inches in diameter. Although less common, square floor tiles are available. I saw machines with vibrating discs used with brushes, lint pads, cotton cloth, or covers.

Three-headed planetary engine

This is for the mouth, that's why this machine is commonly called Cimex, which turns out to be the leading brand. The large disk rotates in one direction, while the three small disks, which are the contact points of the carpet, rotate in the same direction.