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Information about Dental Fillings Treatment

Most importantly, you will find that clinics that offer dental fillings prefer to make composite fillings. If you have filled amalgam previously, there are additional procedures to remove the amalgam safely.

The reason the clinic doesn't choose amalgam fillings is because they contain mercury, which is harmful to the whole body. You can consider best dental filling treatment via .

Dental fillings fall into two broad categories:

• Conventional amalgam filling: This is also known as silver filling or even mercury filling.

• Composite fill: This is a colored fill, also known as a white fill.

  • Advantages of dental fillings

As mentioned above, these patches are also known as white patches and this is the biggest benefit of this treatment. They match the natural color and appearance of the teeth. In addition, they restore 85-90% of the strength of natural teeth. They can be used on the back or front teeth as they don't affect the aesthetics of your gums. Tooth fillings can cause a little pain, but then go away in two to three weeks.

  • Dental filling costs

The price depends on the size and depth of the patch. Before starting the procedure, the dentist will examine your teeth and tell you how many cavities you need to treat. You must demonstrate that there are regular visits to the dentist every six months.

  • Tooth filling treatment

There is no rocket science devoted to treating dental fillings. You need to treat them like normal teeth. Proper dental hygiene is the key here. Make sure to wash and clean the threads twice a day. Rinsing with fluoride mouthwash will ensure that no plaque is formed.