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How To Pick The Perfect Smudge Proof Lipstick

Glossy versus matte smudge-proof lipstick

Glossy lipsticks have reflectors that create the illusion of shiny lips. They're great for formal events and evenings to make your face pop. Ideally, women with thin lips can choose a glossy lipstick for a thicker and fuller effect. 

Matte lipsticks are not glossy and usually produce a soft, natural effect. Unlike glossy lipsticks, women with full and thin lips can wear matte colors. All you have to do is choose the natural lip color  shade and color that suits you the most.

 How To Pick The Perfect Smudge Proof Lipstick

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Lipstick liquid versus solid Smudge-Proof lipstick

The liquid lipstick gives you greater control and precision in applying and distributing your lip color. Liquid lipstick is applied with the help of an applicator wand. Others are inserted into long glossy tubes twisted to pour paint, or painted with a brush stuck to the top of the tube. 

The dark color against light smudge-proof lipstick

The lipstick is available in red, pink, brown, plum, and almost any color possible. But what looks great on your friend may not be the same when you give your own lips the same color. 

However, if you have full lips, you can go for a darker lipstick color to create the illusion of thin, smooth lips. You can choose between coffee, mocha, or plum colors. Be careful when choosing red. Not all red colors compliment a woman with full lips.