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How To Fix A Broken Door Lock And Handle

Door locks are available in various sizes and shapes. The location determines the types that need repair. There are two lever locks and three lever locks.

If it breaks or is damaged due to improper use or handling, it is important to check the type used. Location and availability determine whether the lock should be repaired or replaced. To get more details about door lock repair, you may visit

door lock repair

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Before starting any work to install locks and handles, make sure that a replacement is available. Additionally, make sure you have all the tools you need for homework. These include screwdrivers, chisels, hammers, and small hand saws.

First, loosen the handles on either side of the door. Remove the pivot extending from the outside to the other side of the door. Check the locking slot for dirt inside. This can affect the lock locking mechanism.

After the spindle exits, open the plate that secures the door lock to the slot. Then pull the wrong one. Take a new one, slide it into the same slot, and screw it back against the door.

Make sure the screw holes are attached to hold the backrest firmly in place as the initial holes are not that tight. Replace the spindle, ensuring that it is balanced so that the handle can turn the lever in the locking mechanism on both sides. Retighten the handle and screw in the screw holes as you did before to secure it.