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Homeschooling: Tips To Teach Your Children At Home

Tip #1: Frequent sessions are better

It is better to have two or three lessons in a day than one that takes the same time. One way to help your child with multiplication tables is to select one or three facts. These three facts can be reviewed in different ways throughout the day. 

Keep coming back to the same facts, but move on to the next item. It should be fun. The same goes for spelling. For good study material, you can even buy complete curriculum workbooks at

Sometimes, a simple change of activities can give students the needed break. Your schedule should be designed so that your child can concentrate on a reading assignment for only fifteen to twenty minutes, and then move on to a math activity for the same time. You can combine the math activity with a writing or reading activity.

Tip #2: Teaching Math Facts

Many children still struggle to learn math facts. This will help your child overcome this obstacle. Although that is the ultimate goal, don’t slow down your math computation. Alternate between auditory and visual input for a few facts throughout the day. 

Tip #3: Practice as Much As You Can

Every child needs to practice a math concept differently. You don’t want to bore a child who has learned it three times. Likewise, you don’t want to continue practicing until a child is proficient in the concept. After a brief practice set, the main set with 25-30 problems can be reviewed. This is a good idea for children who learn quickly.