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Flip Camcorder Accessories – How Can the Flip Get Better?

The Flip series of digital camcorders proves that small and simple camcorders can be powerful and fun. But that's only half the truth. The flip camcorder accessory enhances the usability of your camera and its ability to adapt to your images. 

Accessories can make it easier to travel with your Flip and keep it on, mix and match your Flip with everyday clothes, or even help you show off your Flip videos to friends and fans. The more often you use your flip, the more important it becomes. You can easily buy the best video accessories via

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To support and extend the functionality of the flip, you can consider a variety of flip camcorder accessories. An additional USB cable, coordinated with the colour of your cover, makes your cable part of the shipping scope. Carrying an HDMI cable can help you show off your videos after you shoot them at a party or day trip.

A pocket tripod with colour-coordinated feet makes a fashion statement while stabilizing the image being captured. Finally, an underwater case can seal your Flip from water damage and allow you to shoot videos at the beach, water park, pool or even snorkelling.

Since you've already matched the colours of the USB cable and tripod, you should consider a soft case for your Flip. Sports neoprene holds and protects your sandals, and a handy bag ring allows you to hang the bag where you have quick access to the camera.