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Find the Right Endometriosis Treatment Center

Are you experiencing really painful periods? Are you unsure if you may have endometriosis, or did your doctor tell you? Endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrial cells reside outside of the uterus. Endometrial tissue can be found in the abdomen and pelvic regions, as well as in rare cases in other areas of the body.


You should consult a reputable healthcare center for endometriosis therapy if you suspect you may have endometriosis. A laparoscopy is an operation that involves a small incision to the abdominal wall. To examine the condition, a laparoscope (or a small telescope-like device) is used.

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A pelvic exam is performed before you can proceed to the next step. Your gynecologist will also assess your symptoms and pain. A pelvic ultrasound scan is recommended to check the area.

Your doctor might not recommend any treatment if your symptoms are mild. Endometrium can be treated, but it is rare.

Treatment options:

A good center for endometriosis will recommend the following treatment options, depending on how severe the case is.

  • Treatment: If your condition is still in its early stages, it may be necessary to start taking anti-inflammatory medications to manage cramps and pain.
  • Hormone treatment: If medication fails, doctors may recommend hormone treatment. GnRHa or gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog injections may also be administered. For relief, intrauterine contraceptive devices containing the hormone progesterone can be used.
  • Surgery: Endometrial tissue can sometimes be removed by keyhole surgery.
  • Hysterectomy: A woman who has had children may be asked to have a hysterectomy to remove her uterus and cervix. This is not the final line of treatment.