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Experiencing Each Baby Stage Of Pregnancy

The baby stage in pregnancy is something you would never think about until you find out that you are pregnant. Once your doctor has confirmed that you are carrying the baby in the womb, it is time to focus your mind on each stage of the baby during pregnancy and normal delivery.

The stages of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters. The first trimester marks the first three months of pregnancy. At this stage, you will experience a loss of appetite accompanied by nausea. Sometimes you feel tired.

normal delivery

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The second trimester is the period from the fourth to the sixth month. The third trimester is the third and last stage of pregnancy when you are swollen beyond recognition and need to have some disease in your body during pregnancy.

This special stage of the baby's pregnancy begins as soon as the baby falls into the pelvic area on the abdomen. Sometimes pain or contractions can occur in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Labor marks the end of your baby's pregnancy and your waters are breaking. This is when you feel a drop of water flowing and you know you are giving birth. Then the regular contractions begin and their frequency gets smaller.

Eventually, you want to push and the baby will walk through the birth canal head-on. This is a normal delivery. After a few minutes, you will feel contractions again and the placenta is no longer in your body.