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Different Uses & Benefits Of Stretch Ceiling

The best way to hide electrical wiring and gantries is with stretch fabric ceilings. They can also be designed to accommodate high-bacterial and acoustic areas. Here are some of the uses and benefits of stretch fabric structures.

Smoke-out fabrics can be described as knitted textile that has melting lines. These lines allow for automatic openings in the case of a fire, and sprinklers to turn off. These fabrics are ideal for interiors, trade shows, and exhibition stands.

You can also use stretch fabric to make drop-paper structures that divide rooms or add color. These structures are usually made of fire-resistant material. Drop paper can be made with or without fiberglass. Large format digital printing is also possible. These fabrics can be used for both inkjet printing as well as illumination.

The masters of stretched ceilings and walls are a great choice for areas where noise and sound must be controlled. They are also able to support low-voltage lighting or flat panel speaker systems. Fabrics are easy to move so they can be moved around without affecting the rest of the space.

stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are used frequently in offices, receptions, conference and meeting areas, airports and auditoriums, schools and libraries, restaurants, and other places where noise and sound must be controlled.

Tailored fabric structures can be used to hide ceiling imperfections. You can design them in 3D or free-form. They can also be incorporated into the ceiling.

They are lightweight and very durable. They have a very long life expectancy. They are efficient and energy-efficient, as well as being environmentally friendly. Standard coverings are great for renovations or new builds.