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Breast Implant Removal And Revision

A breast implant revision or removal  is a surgical procedure that involves replacing and/or removing the implants to correct various complications that occur after augmentation surgery. 

There are several reasons for breast implant removal, including unrealistic patient expectations, bad implants, or improper surgical technique. Also, some women decide that the time has come to have the implants removed or that the type may not necessarily suit their cosmetic needs as they used to.  

breast implant removal

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In some cases, capsular contractures occur, making the area feel unnatural and heavy to the touch, as well as disrupting its overall appearance.

Some women are just looking for a change in their lifestyle and choose to go through a process of elimination to work with that change.

 It is usually recommended to check for augmentations every 10 years, depending on the patient. This is to prevent leaking or misshapen breasts.  To solve this problem, the breasts that have undergone removal are generally re-sculpted and lifted.

If possible, it is always advisable to replace synthetic materials with new sets. In most cases, revision surgery can permanently resolve patient dissatisfaction with their breasts.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this type of procedure, it is best to turn to a certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast revision. He or she can provide the best overview of your options and make recommendations based on individual expectations and your body type.