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All About Healthy Food

Some foods absorb chemicals and pesticides more readily than others. Food with thin skins, like apples and peaches, accumulates more bad stuff, and does it more quickly. You can also get information about healthy food via

Invest your funds in buying organic apples. Other food with thick skin is better at keeping the bad chemicals at bay. Since you throw away the peel of bananas, avocados, and oranges, you don't necessarily have to buy organic.

Same thing with sweet corn – the thick husk protects the kernels that you will eat, so buy your corn locally so that you can get it at its freshest.

Also, some food is less likely to attract pests, so farmers are less likely to use pesticides on them. Onions are a great example.

Buy the good stuff in bulk

If you have plenty of nuts, soups, and vegetables on hand, you will be more likely to use them. But be sure to balance these carefully against buying too much fresh food that will spoil.

When you are planning your meals and your budget, you can make your money go further. Add more canned and frozen food, purchase the most critical organic items, and buy good food in bulk. These simple steps will help your wallet and your waistline!