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All About Black Tea

The black variety of tea offers many of the same health benefits as green tea and tastes better.

As with all real tea, both black and green teas have the Camellia Sinensis tree (or bush) as their source. There are many differences in the types of tea, including white, green, and black. The time the leaves are allowed to sit in the air before being brewed is called fermentation. 

There are also differences in the way that leaves are prepared, such as how they are dried or smoked. Black teas become mature after they have been completely oxidized, which can take up to four weeks. The leaves turn dark but not black after this time. It produces a reddish-brown liquid. You can buy black tea online from

black tea

For hundreds of years, the so-called red or black tea has been a symbol of cultural and economic importance around the globe. Black tea is not susceptible to deterioration because it has been fully aged. 

Black tea is more stable than other teas. It can stay fresh for up to a year, while other teas might only last for a few weeks or days. In the past, some cultures used bricks of tea leaves from black tea as currency.

The tea leaves that have been aged for the longest time are called "black". This results in stronger flavors, more caffeine, and longer shelf life than other types.