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Agile Software Development Methodologies

The acceptance of agile methodology is a hallmark of modern software culture. It is highly preferred by software developers because of its adaptability and high-productive results.

This article will focus on Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP), two of the most popular agile methodologies. Although they have many of the same elements, they are different in some aspects.


Scrum is a popular agile software development method. Wikipedia describes Scrum as an "iterative, incremental agile software development methodology to manage product development." Scrum methodology, unlike XP, does not include both managerial and development processes. You can also choose Scrum master training from

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Scrum assumes that a need can't be fully defined at the beginning of a process. Therefore, the Scrum team encourages the team to deliver as emerging requirements are identified throughout the process.

The scrum team consists of a scrum master, developers, and a product owner. To ensure smooth operation, the scrum master oversees daily scrums and makes sure that any impediments faced by the team are addressed. The products owner represents the client. They act as a product manager.

Extreme Programming (XP)

XP is an agile software development method. It is highly adaptable and responsive, as with most agile software development methodologies. XP's most distinctive feature is the fact that changes are considered normal and are often incorporated into the process. XP allows for increased releases. This is to increase productivity and assimilate customer needs.