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4 HR Tips and Tricks to Help Inspire Employees

Do you feel that your workplace is lacking spark and ingenuity? Finding strategies to help inspire your employees to be high-performing and innovative will pay off in the long run.

Following are some human resources tips to inspire your employees:

  • Emphatic Positive Reinforcement

From childhood to adulthood, positive reinforcement is the key to learning consistent work habits. It encourages good behaviour and is reaffirming for a strong work ethic. It also creates a workplace that is focused on growth and confidence.

Employees love to be recognised for a job well done. A simple shout out in an email or newsletter goes a long way in showing that you appreciate their hard work. It also encourages other employees to work towards earning similar recognition.

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  • Valuable Team-Building

One of the most important aspects of your workplace culture is how your employees work as a team. A toxic team environment can quickly de-energise an office. Make an effort to encourage and foster strong morale with team building events and exercises.

Take an hour or so of each workweek and dedicate it to team building activities. These simple games can include cooperative puzzles or ways to get to know each other better. The break in the day will bring new energy to your employees and give them the chance to deepen their connections and cooperation skills.

  • Create a Workplace Vibe

The traditional fluorescent lighting and grey cubicles don’t do much to stimulate the mind. When employees are happy with their surroundings, they are likely to work harder. Having a thoughtfully designed workspace can change the mindset of the whole office.

Think about the vibe you want to create. It may even be worth it to bring in a designer to help you hone in on your aesthetic. You want your office’s decor and features to make sense for your type of work.

Look for ways to add colour to your office space. A bright accent wall can bring a fun personality to a conference room. Bright furniture and rugs can add comfort and style. The priority should be transforming the space from sterile to inspiring.

  • Foster Healthy Competition

One of the best ways to boost performance is by fostering a little healthy competition between your team members. Many employees tend to work harder towards their goals when they are given a benchmark to reach before others. Remember to be creative and fair in your efforts to reward standout performers.

Providing a competitive environment encourages employees to be innovative and think outside the box. They know they need to find a way to set themselves apart from their co-workers. It will lead to new ideas as employees improve individually and make the competition tougher.